Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Music Director Notes 8-29-12: Picks of the Week

Howdy, all!

Don't really have much else to say this week, so here's some of the New Releases: 

WORLD MUSIC: Continuing our fabulous haul from ARC: 

  • Valentina Ponomareva: Gypsy Romances from Russia
  • Osvaldo Chacon y su Timba: Salsa Afro Cubana
  • Vivienne Dogan-Corringham and George Hadjineophytou: Popular Turkish folk songs
  • American Indian Powwow: Music of the Navajo Indians
  • Saor Patrol (Pronounced "Shore Patrol"): 
    • Duncarron 
    • Two Headed Dog. (Basically the same tunes as Duncarron...but they add distorted rock and roll rhythm guitar to the pipes and drums, and it sounds fabulous!)

  • The Modern Mandolin Quartet: Americana features a quartet of mandolins performing famous works by Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, and other American composers.  Fun!  
  • Celine Ricci and Daniel Lockert: Le Bestiaire. Songs for soprano and piano--all about animals.

  • Concord has released their Summer 2012 sampler, featuring remasters of some of the greats. Always good.
  • Lou Pallo of Les Paul's Trio: Thank You, Les.  You're not going to hear guitar playing this good for a looooong time--enjoy!


  • Girlyman: Performed at the last ALMA Sundays at Six concert, and they're pretty darn fabulous. 


  • Michael Connolly and Miller McNay dish up a tasty serving of both original and traditional tunes.  Great stuff!

Until next time...

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